5 reasons you should drink more water during the fall and winter

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I’m sure that you already have heard thousands of times that drinking plenty of water is essential for your health, but do you actually know why staying hydrated also during the fall and winter is so good for you? You may not feel thirsty when the weather outside is cold and rainy or even snowy, and still you should drink water throughout the day. And why is that? Well, I gathered here my Top 5 reasons why you should drink more water right now, even though you don’t feel like it!


And while reading this post, have a big glass of water and you’ll thank yourself later!


Avoid sneaky dehydration. Just because you aren’t thirsty doesn’t mean that your body is hydrated enough! As temperatures drop, we find ourselves wrapping up in more cloth layers and cosy blankets and turning on all the heaters. This might feel an excellent idea as they keep us warm and comfortable, but if you don’t drink enough water to battle against the dry air you’ll end up being dehydrated. You may not be sweating during the fall and winter as much as during summer time, but your body loses moisture all the time in other ways, such as the water vapour you see from your mouth and nose when you are outside in cold weather. And dehydration may cause muscle fatigue, cramps, dizziness and exhaustion, for example.

Stay energetic the whole workday. Feeling tired at mid-afternoon? It’s likely that you are suffering from dehydration, that is probably the number one cause of fatigue. Dehydration slows down your body functioning, which leaves you feeling tired. So, instead of running to the nearest cafe, drink a glass of water instead.



Keep your digestion rolling. Your body can’t function properly if dehydrated, so usually one of the first functions to slow down is digestive system. Nutrients won’t absorb properly, you suffer from constipation and lots of us have also tendency to gain some extra weight during the fall and winter time. Drinking enough water keeps your digestion working as it should and helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Help your immune system work. Especially cold and rainy months are harder to our bodies as immune system has to work really hard to keep away all of those viruses that are attacking us. The inadequate hydration can dramatically weaken immune system functions and by drinking more water regularly you can detoxify your body as it flushes out the toxins more efficiently.

Make your skin glow. Have you ever noticed that your skin is dull, flaky and drier during the cold months than at summer? Yep, you haven’t been drinking enough water! The contrast between being in a warm room (+ the dry air inside the house!) to going outside in the cold can cause a major damage to you skin, if you aren’t well hydrated. Water is vital in keeping your skin cells full and hydrated, reducing the risk of chapping and peeling. Water also flushes toxins out of your skin, leading to fewer breakouts.


So what do you think, should you drink more water?


?: Sanna


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