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Many of you have already found and tried Ambronite, but I still get a lot of questions about it from my readers and followers on Instagram. Why I think that Ambronite is so special compared to other meal replacement drinks and how often I use it? Is it vegan friendly and does it contain some artificial sweeteners or additives? Is it like a snack or can you drink it as a whole meal?


During this summer we, me and my husband, have used Ambronite several times a week, not every day but almost. It’s been so warm weather that any normal meals haven’t been that tempting so we have replaced one meal per day with Ambronite. Also, we have taken it with us to all our vacations as it’s so handy to prepare and offers easy long-lasting energy while traveling.



I listed here 5 biggest reasons why I’m so hooked with Ambronite and can warmly recommend it to everyone:


Easy and fast to use. Ambronite mixes easily with just cold water, so all you need is a shaker. It works perfectly whenever and where ever so no bad excuses to buy fast food and eat poorly!


Real food. Ambronite is made of 100% natural, real food and it includes all the 29 essential vitamins and minerals for the human body. It’s also fiber rich so it improves gut and immune health and at the same time Ambronite is ideal for sensitive stomach and for anyone struggling with gut issues as it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or additives. The product is completely dairy-free, lactose-free, preservative-free and GMO-free and doesn’t contain wheat, rye, or barley and it’s vegan friendly. Tell me if there is any other comparable product on the market with these features!


Saves workdays. You know those workdays when you have more that enough work to do and no time to leave office for lunch break? Well, the answer is Ambronite! It gives you long lasting energy (and at the same time you’ll get a little more water on your system, your body really needs it!) with a minimal effort and it helps you work as efficient way as possible.


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Your best traveling buddy. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that Ambronite has followed us everywhere this summer. It’s perfect snack or even a complete meal while traveling as you don’t need anything else than a water bottle. We drank Ambronite while walking around Cascais while our son took a nap in his strollers, during the shopping day in the center of Madrid to get more energy and in the air on our way to Finland to avoid all of those not so healthy foods offered in the airplane. I just love the not bloated and non-sluggish feeling after traveling that drinking Ambronite gives!


Before and after workout. As I already mentioned Ambronite gives you long lasting energy but without the too full and heavy feeling. It doesn’t leave you with the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, so you can do your workout right after drinking it. And after training it it works perfectly as a recovery drink!


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And if you’re not satisfied, Ambronite will not just pay back your money, but gives you 10% extra. Yes, that’s right. Ambronite has 110% money back guarantee, so what are you waiting for!?



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