4 years of happiness in Spain

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Last Monday it was exactly four years from that day when we left Finland and moved to Spain. Many of you have asked, what brought us to Spain and how we actually made all this happen. In this post, I try to reveal everything in a nutshell.

Everything began in 2011 when our love story started with my husband. Pretty much at the same time, we started planning our life together outside of Finland. Something my husband had had in his mind for a long time and soon his dream become our dream.

In 2012 we visited the first time Madrid and some business schools because my husband wanted to do a Master’s Degree there. Something he had been thinking for a while and something which would give him the needed contacts, networks and the degree in well-reputed Spanish business school. Also something which would position him well in the Spanish job market together with his skills, long job experience and bachelor’s degree already obtained in Finland.


In Madrid with my husband in 2012.


And here’s the first thing and general misconception. We didn’t move to Spain because of my husband’s job. No, we moved here because we wanted, planned and worked really hard to make it happen. For example, before we left Finland, we sold basically everything we had there and thanks to it and our other savings, our financial situation would’ve allowed us to be here the first year and a half without working. We knew that moving to a new country and especially a country where you need to learn a new language isn’t just day walks in the park and would be smart to be covered financially for a while. Also, a lot of people thought that we would come here for a year or two but our plan from the beginning didn’t include returning to Finland.

In 2013 we came to Madrid for the second time and this time we spent a couple of days of our vacation driving and going around different neighborhoods in Madrid. Already then we fell in love with Majadahonda, the place we call now our home and we have lived since we got here except the 14 months period we lived in Nerja, Malaga between January 2017 and March 2018.

In October 2013 we got to know that we are pregnant, and our son Luca would be born in the middle of July. When the “news” was put out, many thought that this would change our plans and we would now stay in Finland because how someone could move with a newborn to a whole new country? And yes, our plan slightly changed and instead of moving to Madrid in July 2014, we moved there couple months later the 3rd of September ;). The faces one after another were priceless to see when we told that we are still going while pretty much everyone thought the opposite.



It’s a funny thing in this life that when you start making big decisions, other important pieces of the puzzle start moving as well. Because in this life there are certain things you cannot plan ahead and be in total control, although my husband many times try to show otherwise 😀 .

So, before we left Finland, the company my husband worked had offered him a possibility to keep working for the company from Spain. Obviously, the role would be a lot different but good thing was that he was already responsible of their international operations and digitalization which would not require being physically in Finland. And so, it happened. My husband kept working while he started his Master Studies at EAE Business School Madrid. At the same time I tried to do my best and take care of home and our little son.



The first year passed by really fast. My husband graduated from the EAE Business School and he also had already found his first company in Spain. Also, roughly year after our move to Spain, www.lavidafresca.com saw the daylight. Something we had been planning and working already for months to put everything together.

I must confess that I don’t have a much clue about online and digital business, websites etc. but thank god my husband does, and he is an expert in that area thanks to his work, own interests, dedication and Master’s Degree where he focused his studies to online business.



In Summer 2016 my husband came with the idea that would be wise to buy a small holiday home from the south coast of Spain. He had been following closely the general economic situation in Spain as well as Real Estate Markets and said that now would be a great time to do a small investment.

Plan moved forward quite fast and in October 2016 we bought a small two bedroom apartment from Nerja, Malaga. Nerja was the first place we ever traveled together and we fell in love right away. It has been named several times the most beautiful town on the coast of Spain so no wonder it was a love at first sight for us as well.

The idea was to have the apartment as our holiday home which we could also rent during the high seasons but during the buying process which took more or less two months, our situation or my husband’s situation changed quite a bit and he was no more attached to the first company he had found in Madrid. He was now able to work basically from wherever and after thinking about it couple of days, we decided that we would pack our stuff and move to Nerja. But before that, we needed to renovate completely the apartment, something my husband managed to do and organize in just a couple of months.




Moving to the coast was something we had been talking about quite a while. Often we had the same discussion that how it would be to live there. We loved our life in Majadahonda but of course we wondered if we could be even happier somewhere else and especially next to the sea. However, after a couple of months in Nerja, we already realized that it’s not the perfect place for us to live the normal everyday life and we started planning the return to our home Majadahonda, Madrid.

And don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed our time in Nerja and we love the place as well as the Spanish coast. But for the normal everyday life, work, and future opportunities we think it’s not the best place to be and we will save it for our holidays when the sea, beaches and everything else feels as special as it should be.

So, a few months ago we got back to Majadahonda and we couldn’t be any happier. We love our new home and we love our life here. Our son Luca will start here his school journey tomorrow and we truly feel that this is the place where we are meant to be and watch our son grow. My husband keeps having and working simultaneously on numerous projects and I’m working with my blog, page and customers.

You might have noticed that we just renewed my page and also the numbers keep growing day by day. Currently, my site gets over 30.000 monthly visits and the business side keeps growing as well so really, could not be any happier and just cannot wait what the next years will bring us.


❤️: Sanna



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