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The beginning of the year has been really ascending and currently LaVidaFresca.com attracts over 30.000 monthly visitors and the number is increasing all the time steadily. How crazy is that! In case you missed however some of my posts, I listed here top 5 most read of them:


Sugar-free lemon berry pie:

It’s refreshing, not too sweet or heavy, gluten and dairy free and absolutely delicious. It has creamy and smooth filling, sweet berries on top of it and it’s simply to die for

Read: https://lavidafresca.com/sugar-free-lemon-berry-pie/




Big news:

The life in Nerja has been wonderful and memorable, and we have experienced a lot of great things (and of course also those not so nice things like problems with renovations and leaking ceilings…), but from now on Nerja will be again just a place for our holidays. Nerja will always have a place in our lives and hearts ❤️.

Read: https://lavidafresca.com/big-news/




8 Reasons why you are always feeling hungry:

Feeling that you’re hungry all the time? There are certain life situations where appetite grows naturally, and some people really have a faster metabolism and they need more food than others. But if you aren’t pregnant, prescribed on a medication (antidepressants, birth control pills, beta-blockers, anti-seizure and migraine meds for example), working out a lot, or just bored, you might want to check this list about things that may cause hunger feelings.

Read: https://lavidafresca.com/8-reasons-why-you-are-always-feeling-hungry/




Granola cups:

Granola cups are easy to make, delicious, filled with fiber that keeps you going and super versatile. Fill them with your favorite yogurt (or go crazy and use pudding!) and top with fruits or berries. Add some spices or nuts and the next batch is a whole new thing! You can’t go wrong with these ?.

Read: https://lavidafresca.com/granola-cups/




Ambronite – Drinkable supermeal:

This drink doesn’t taste too “green”, the taste is actually really pleasant, preparing it happens in the twinkling of an eye regardless of where you are, and after drinking it, you’re full of energy. And best of all, after drinking Ambronite, I’m feeling really good and I still have happy tummy!

Read: https://lavidafresca.com/ambronite-drinkable-supermeal/



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