Damage control after a fiesta weekend


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A while ago I spent a long weekend with my husband in Cádiz, and to be honest, it was kind of food fiesta. Our son was enjoying the company of his grandparents, so we had plenty of time to have buffet breakfasts, long lunches and overindulge snacks by the pool. I can’t say that we ate huge amounts of food, but we ate (and drank !!) differently than what we are used to at home. And I really could feel it in my body!

As all festivals with all the long nights filled with food and drinks are soon here, I thought that I could share some tips with you how to get over of that tired and uncomfortable feeling (you know the Blaah-feeling), that comes day after partying. No any tricks, just some simple tips to do some damage control and help you to feel better!




 Mentally move on. First of all, it was only one weekend and it’s not going to ruin the rest of your life. Admit the facts and move on. Avoid the “I just blew my diet and I’m going to eat everything on my sight”- cycle and refocus on moving forward.

Skip the Scale. After a weekend’s food fiesta, you may weigh more. And that’s not because you gained body fat (To gain 1kg of fat, you should have eaten and drunk an EXTRA 7,000 calories!), but because of water retention from extra salt and carbs that was in the food you ate. So even if you are used to weighing yourself daily/ at the beginning of the week, give your body a couple of days time to get rid off of all that bloating before hopping on the scale.




 Drink water. Start your day with a big glass of water, even though it might be the last thing to do on your mind when feeling bloated and unpleasant. The bloating is caused by all the excess carbs and sodium (Hello pasta, fries and burgers!) you stuffed into yourself during the weekend. So do it; Drinking water will help to clear your system and increase your metabolism.

Drinking water also becomes even more important if drinking alcohol was part of this fiesta, as the alcohol effectively dehydrates your body.


 ice cream




 Eat whole foods. After a food fiesta you might feel doing some kind of detox or skip some meals, but if you respect your body at all, forget those totally. The best thing to do is to get back to normal healthy eating routines, eating whole foods and lean proteins, and avoid all the processed foods. Proteins (white fish, chicken) will speed up your metabolism, rebalance your blood sugar and stop the cravings and hunger. Eat as much as possible vegetables as those will fill your body with nutrients and regulate your bowel system with all the fibers.

Also control your portion sizes; you don’t need to continue that overeating fiesta in your tummy!



burger and fries


 Sweat it out. After overeating (and -drinking) staying active is like a gift to your body. Sweating boosts your metabolism and increases all those feel-good endorphins, so you’ll feel better both physically and mentally after a good spinning class or any high intensity workout.





 Sleep enough. Probably the weekend out of plan meant also fewer hours of sleeping, and your body may punish you also for that. When you’re well-rested, it’s more likely that you don’t even crave any sweet, salty and starchy foods (junk food) and it’s easier to grab that apple instead of chocolate bar. Sleep is also key to reducing the fat-stimulating effects of cortisol and you don’t want to grow any extra muffin top around your waist on purpose, right?


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