Birthday Celebration In Sierra Nevada

Like my Instagram followers already know, we headed couple weeks ago to Sierra Nevada to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It was first time ever our family trip took a place like that. I had just heard lot of praises about Sierra Nevada and my husband loves skiing, so it was a pretty nice choice to go there to spend a long weekend! Especially now when the temperatures have still stayed quite low and it’s not a beach season yet at the south coast.

Sierra Nevada ski resort is located at Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and it’s the southernmost ski resort in Europe. The village or the main part of the village is located in 2.100m. and top lifts goes up to 3.400m.! It’s only 32 km from Granada, and the easiest way to get there is by car, but good public transportation connections are also available. I was also told, that the facilities are considered top-rate and Sierra Nevada has hosted numerous national and international ski and snowboard events. The next one in 2017 when the FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships are held in Sierra Nevada.

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Sierra Nevada offers a variety of hotels, aparthotels and hostels. We stayed at Inside Plaza Sierra Nevada, which was an excellent choice of my husband. Our apartment was modern and family friendly, fully-equipped, and offered amazing views to the mountains over the village center. And let’s not forget the hotel staff, they were really helpful and friendly!

The location was perfect for us with a small child, and for example it was just 5 minutes’ walk from the main telecabin. In the immediate surroundings there were a number of restaurants and coffee shops, and a small grocery store was just around the corner.

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Every morning we spent hours sledding and playing in the snow, and when it was our son’s nap time, my husband headed to the slopes. Our son is still a little too young to enjoy all Sierra Nevada entertainments, and for example, you weren’t allowed to take the sled with you to the area of Borreguiles (2.645m.) which is the main skiing area where many restaurants, slopes and lifts are concentrated. We went there still couple of times to enjoy the beautiful views, restaurants and real skiing atmosphere. And like you see from this video, our son had a blast 🙂

Gladly for sledding a little smaller hills were still enough for him. One morning though we hopped in our car and drove up to 2500 meters to place called Hoya de la Mora which is “the” place and paradise for sledding (15min by car from Pradollano). Really big area just for sledding surrounded by some cafeterias and places where you can rent whatever you need to have fun if you don’t have your own sled etc. with you.

The view up there was unbelievably beautiful and it was fun to see the village where we lived from above.

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Skiing wasn’t the only thing you could do in the Sierra Nevada. You can for example go on snowmobile rides or snow racket walks, cross-country skiing or to take guided ski tours through the Natural Park. Ecuestre Fuente Alta School offers horse-riding lessons for the whole family, and you can also try ice skating in an ice rink. Sierra Nevada offers also special events for groups, like excursions with snowshoeing, so I’m sure that everyone finds something to do there. However, there was for us enough to do during these days, so these activities were left to wait for the next visit!

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The only downside I found was that the gym was closed during the winter. Maybe they think that no one wants to go to the gym after skiing, but in fact I’d liked to have a little me-time and sweating in the evenings. Some of the hotels had their own gyms, but only for hotel visitors. But honestly I got to sweat quite enough, when I carried (read dragged 😉 ) our son (he weights 13kg!) every day, and when we went sledding. And I went for a walk a few times by myself to get a little me-time!

I have to admit that despite my expectations, this place was amazing and I really enjoyed our vacation there. The weather was on our side, and it was nothing like I’m used to think about winter and snow. And when I saw the happy faces of my husband and son, I knew that this trip was a success. We’ll definitely return here in the future!

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