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Yes! Our family loves food and eating out, and especially tapas kind of food. If you aren’t familiar with them already, tapas are a variety of small savory Spanish dishes, that are often served as a snack with drinks. Of course, you can fill up your tummy with several of these and skip the main course totally, like we quite often do 😉 . To “tapear” is an essential part of the social culture of Spain, especially here in the costal, and it’s really something that everyone should experience while visiting Spain.

We have found so many amazing places here in Nerja where you can try these mouthwatering small sized dishes, and now I’m going to share with you our favorites of them. These three restaurants are all different from each other, and we frequently visit them when we want to enjoy some excellent Spanish tapas in Nerja:


La Tasquita del Sevillano (Calle de la Gloria 15)

It’s a relatively new restaurant here in Nerja and located in a very central area which makes it easy to find. Many people actually avoid going in because the location is too good to be an amazing restaurant, but this one really is a keeper!

This place is a perfect choice for having some tapas or enjoying a nice dinner. In La Tasquita you have two floors plus a rooftop terrace. Downstairs are reserved for tapas while upstairs for sit down eating. I heard that the place is not suitable for children, and yes they don’t have high chairs for little ones, but our son has been sitting with us at the table each time and enjoyed the food as much as we have 😉 .

My advice would be to stay in the ground floor and enjoy their amazing selection of tapas. With every drink you are able to choose one tapa of those they have on the bar desk. But what I highly recommend is that you take a look at their tapas menu which you find on those round tables. Amazing selection of different and incredibly delicious tapas with price around 2,50€ each!

Pretty much everything we’ve tried there from the tapas menu has always been a success. Some of our favorites are gambas pil pil, croquetas de rabo de toro and their lasaña which are out of this world. This restaurant has also figured out something important: It’s not just the taste but also the visual experience. All dishes have been put carefully on the plates which makes the whole eating experience even more fun and enjoyable

(N.B. We were in La Tasquita Thursday last week. They didn’t have the special Tapas menu but almost all the same dishes were found from the normal menu. Although those were portions (ración in Spanish) which are great to share if you are there with your friends. The special tapas menu can be found from their (Sevillano) two other locations: Calle El Chaparil and Calle Huertos which is the newest one. The Special tapas menu should be back in La Tasquita again after the summer. )


la tasquita

la tasquita1

la tasquita2

la tasquita2

la tasquita4

la tasquita5


Redondo Bar (Calle Gloria 10)

This vibrant place has always been one of our really favorites, even before we moved here. Cute place in the old town with great selection of tapas and always really warm and welcoming service. No matter if you come for the first time or you’ve been there many times, the staff is always ready to help you and tell what they have today and how everything works. And yes, they don’t have high chairs for kiddos either, but they always take care that our son has everything he needs and that he enjoys.

Redondo means in English round and that’s one of their main characteristics of this place. They have a round bar which is full of amazing tapas, and the place is usually crowded with locals which is always a good sign 😉 . And if you order a drink you get one tapa free and if you order more they are just 1€ each. Money well spent!

Also their menu is worth to look as from there you can order with few euros some bigger dishes if you like. If you’re looking to try a few different dishes this place is for you as the portion sizes allow you to have a varied selection 😉 .






redondo bar

redondo bar1


Mo GastroTapas (Calle Andalucia 27)

Mo GastroTapas is the place to eat if you like gourmet tasty tapas, away from the touristic restaurants. This restaurant you need to know because you don’t end up there by accident. It’s located maybe 1km from the Balcon de Europa that makes it a little bit harder to find (which is not a bad thing many times for good restaurants, you know 😉 ).

Presentation, quality and service in this cute restaurant is out of this world, and it offers a funky atmosphere and quality wines. On their menu they have really creative (and beautiful may I say!) tapas and I highly recommend you to order day’s specials from blackboard on the wall, or if you are really hungry, try their tapas selection and you’ll get all their favorites

Side note: It’s quite small and loved place so don’t forget to make your reservation!


mo gastrobar

mo's gastrobar

tinto de verano


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