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We love food, there’s no doubt about it! Food and good restaurants are close to our hearts (and mouths 😉 ) and they have a very big role, especially when we are traveling. My husband is very strict about the level of the food, so thanks to him, we never end up eating that dull and tasteless food, what most of the tourist places and restaurants located near to tourist attractions are offering many times.

And because we get to enjoy these delicious restaurants, I thought you might want to get to know them too. So from now on, I’m going to share our new findings and favorite restaurants with you!

And because we get to enjoy these delicious restaurants, I thought you might want to get to know them too. So from now on, I’m going to share our new findings and favorite restaurants with you!

These restaurants are not going to be really any “health” restaurants or doesn’t offer any specific diet foods, but you can always make healthier choices when ordering in them. Although we eat quite healthily in general, once in a while  it’s nice to indulge and enjoy life with different kind of treats. These restaurants we’ve found will offer you something different and very tasty, and I hope you’ll like them as much as we do!

First, I want to share with you this cute and amazing restaurant, which we found on our most recent vacation in Benalmadena.




LIME & LEMON (Local 11 Paseo Maritimo, 29630, Benalmadena, Spain)

We found this little gem after reading about it on Tripadvisor, and I can definitely see why this place is rated so well! The key using apps such as Tripsadvisor (used more among tourists) or El Tenedor (used more among local people in Spain) is not just look the rating or reviews but pictures as well. Pictures shows the best how the restaurant cooks the dishes, what ingredients they use and how fresh it is in general. In Spain you see often well rated restaurants which offers nothing but fried traditional food which is what we are not looking for but Spanish people and some tourists like to eat. So checking the pictures is highly recommended as well!

This Mediterranean and Spanish style food offering restaurant is quite small, but it’s super cute and decorated charmingly. It’s located on the promenade before the port, but you have to know it, or you’ll probably miss it, because it’s a little bit behind the other restaurant.

Reviews about this place and its food on Tripadvisor were excellent and everyone was praising the uniqueness and the quality of the food. When I saw their menu, I was delighted because there were a plenty of delicious and fresh sounding options, which were not deep fried or served on top of the bread (pincho).

In LIME & LEMON there were a lot of possibilities to make healthy choices, though we came just before closing time and they had ran out of some ingredients. They also had a range of dishes to suit all dietary requirements and the staff would gladly inform you more about the portions.






We had four different kind of tapas and could not decide our favorite because one was as good as the next one. Even though some dishes were unable as ingredients had sold out, I could easily say that here you’ll get best tapas in Benalmadena. The flavors and presentation were outstanding, and all of the food we had was great quality, freshly cooked and tasty.

Something, that I definitely would have wanted to try, was their desserts. Everyone, who had rated their desserts, were praising them to the skies. All the options on the menu sounded so yummy, that I would have chosen the Chef’s Selection of Sweet Tapas, just to taste as many desserts as possible at once 😉 They also had really wide range of drinks and cocktails, which have received excellent ratings. Well, next time we’ll scurry to this place at lunch time, so we don’t miss anything!






The staff in Lime & Lemon were super friendly and helpful, and everything was served with a smile. It just makes a lot when your waiter chats a little (also something else than basic ‘Everything ok?’) with you even though he’s in a hurry and pays attention to your little one!

And I have to admit, that a big plus in this place was its location right by the sea. How perfect it is to eat heavenly delicious food and sip your cold drink while enjoying the sea view <3

If I have to come up with something to be improved with Lime & Lemon Restaurant, I would hope for longer opening hours. They close the kitchen already at 6pm, so people who enjoy the sun and doesn’t get their little one out of the swimming pool in time (yes, mommy loves to bask in the sun too!), are going to be in a hurry. They’re also closed on Mondays and there are hungry people also at the beginning of the week… 😉

Everything about this place was excellent and we most certainly will be back. If you’re arriving with a big group, I suggest you to make a reservation in order to avoid disappointments. The place has become very popular and there will also be a lot of private events. Perhaps they will one day expand this amazing place, so that we all hungry, food lovers will get our tummies full!

❤️: Sanna







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