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Time for a coffee break but don’t know where to go while in Nerja? There are hundreds of cafés right next to each other in Nerja, but if you want to have also something else than just a cup of coffee and a toast with tomato, you have to know where to go.


To make it a little bit easier for you, I listed here three of my favorite places:


Good Stuff Café (Calle Castilla Perez 2)

Super cute place which is for sure one of my favorite places in Nerja. They have a wide range of breakfast foods, such as pies, breads, bagels, smoothies, frittatas and cakes, and so many lunch options too. Their salads, veggie burgers and lunch pies served with fresh salad are so big and filling that those will certainly satisfy you even if you’re really hungry.

Good stuff café has a good selection of different kind of teas and they also serve the biggest cup of coffee, that I’ve found in Nerja. This place is also vegetarian friendly, which is not self-evident here in Nerja, and they have gluten free and some vegan options too.

The staff and owners are so lovely and friendly in Good stuff cafe, so it’s always nice to stop by and have a cup of good coffee with freshly baked goods. This cafe is also stroller and wheelchair accessible and they have high chairs for the little ones if needed. And what’s even better; they have a small play corner for kids, so all the parents can enjoy their coffees and treats in peace while the little ones are entertaining themselves 😉 .



Anahi Cafeteria Pasteleria (Calle Puerta del Mar)

This place is always open! Well, from 8am till late in the evening, but every day. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, but I recommend you concentrate on their breakfast and brunch options. Their omelettes are perfectly cooked and crepes (savory and sweet ones) mouthwatering. They also serve fresh fruits and berries with plain yogurt and smoothies, if you prefer something lighter.

The cafe itself is quite small and narrow, and it might be a bit crowded as I’m not the only one who loves this place. It’s located just along on the right from Balcon de Europa so it’s easy to arrive, and they have a small terrace with a stunning views over the Calahonda beach and the Mediterranean that many wants to enjoy of. But squeeze yourself in, it’s worth it 😉.

Anahi Cafe suits also for vegetarians and they do have some vegan and gluten free options too. The staff is also always here very attentive and friendly and prices quite low, considering that you are in the very center of Nerja 😉. So, what’s not to like, I highly recommend stopping by!



Tropy Sol (Paseo de la Burriana )

Great coffee, greater ice cream! I had to add one ice cream place to this list, because as many of you know, I’m a huge ice cream fan! This place isn’t the one if you want to eat proper breakfast, this is the place where you go to have dessert and sweet treats ❤️.

First of all, they serve a mini ice cream cone with every coffee you order. WITH EVERY COFFEE! How perfect is that 😛. Secondly, they have a pretty insanely good selection of various flavors of ice cream. And huge ice cream portions with all the cookies, whipped cream and sauces. Thirdly, their cakes not only look good, but they really are very tasty. What is quite exceptional when you are in Spain…

This place is situated right next to Burriana beach and it’s surrounded by a lot of free parking places. The wonderful people working in Tropy Sol are always pleased to see you come back, and they also take into account the smallest ones of the family. So, don’t walk by, you’ll love this place!



❤️: Sanna


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