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Restaurante Noviembre (Calle Alamos 18, 29012 Malaga, Spain)

Before I even start, I want you to understand one thing; If you are looking for an authentic Spanish culinary-type of experience, this place isn’t the one you are looking for. Restaurante Noviembre offers to you breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner until late evening, with a lot of fresh ingredients. This restaurant is vegetarian friendly and they have also vegan and gluten free options. So no toasted bread with olive oil and tomato or sugary doughnuts from here!





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 Even Though Noviembre is open all day, we tried only their breakfast. You know, breakfast all day every day for me please! We tried it on our first day in Malaga and I totally fell in love <3 . Their omelets were made just how I want them to be (fried but not dry, with a dash of salt and quality ingredients inside) and for example avocados that they used were perfectly ripe. The breakfast packages were reasonably priced and their pancake stacks were huge. I mean really huge, I didn't see anyone finishing that portion!






 Restaurante Noviembre is also kid friendly, and they had high chairs for the smallest ones. There was many not-so-good-reviews on TripAdvisor about staff being rude, but I didn’t notice anything like that. Our son for example got the idea about jamon serrano from out of nowhere, and the waitress kindly brought him a little cup filled with pre-cut jamon serrano, even though it wasn’t included in his dish.

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 The only mistake that I made, was that I didn’t realize that they serve those breakfast packages only from Monday to Friday. Of course you’ll get the breakfast also on weekends, but the menu isn’t the same. So no delicious and healthy looking huge breakfast setup photos for you guys, as I only had my camera with me on Sunday… Sorry, you just have to believe me, that this place is a must try while visiting Malaga!


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