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We had a lovely Easter break in Almeria as you probably already noticed if you’re following me on Instagram. It was right after we moved from Nerja back to Majadahonda, Madrid, so this vacation really hit the spot. Nothing planned, we just went with the flow.




We stayed at Barceló Cabo de Gata that was a little bit outside (around 15 minutes by car) of the center of Almeria, which was okay as almost everything was closed during our stay because of Easter. But the city center looked really nice and cute, when we strolled around on one afternoon 🙂.

The hotel itself had everything we needed and actually a lot more; gym, pools both inside and outside, spa, golf course just around the corner, restaurants and cafeteria and activities for adults and kids. Stretching and Tai Chi would have sounded a lot of fun but I preferred to stay at the pool 😉 .




Many of you have asked how we keep it healthy and stay fit also on our vacations, so I listed here five of my favorite tips. Follow these tips and you have no need to hide from your own mirror image after the vacation 😉.


Stay hydrated. Water is your best friend! Travelling, consuming alcohol and being out in the sun more than your body is used to, can dehydrate you faster than you even notice it. Plus staying hydrated prevents your body from confusing being thirsty with being hungry!

Keep moving. To put it briefly, it helps you to feel better, eases the digestion, balances all the sweets and treats you enjoy during the vacation and helps you to sleep better. The workout doesn’t have to take hours (and it doesn’t have to happen at the gym, just put your sneakers on and forget the taxis!), and it doesn’t have to be every day, the main thing is that you get your metabolism running!




Avoid hotel buffets. Since exploring a new place means sampling exciting and exotic new foods and flavors, I don’t say that you should forget eating out. But… Hotel buffet (exceptions of course do exist) isn’t the place that offers you new, quality experiences and there you probably just end up eating way too much than you even wanted. Use TripAdvisor and check the best places (according to the reviews and photos) near you.

Don’t eat out every meal. If you want to return home feeling good in your own skin, you should try to hit your normal diet plan. Even if you don’t have access to a fridge or a kitchen, you can still find some healthy packaged options from markets that can make balanced and better (salad may not sound as tempting as cheese burger, but you’ll thank yourself later) meals.

If I should give some rule how to eat, I would say that go for 2/3 and eat at least five servings fruits and vegetables a day; eat 2 meals out of 3 aiming to hit your normal diet plan and the third meal is your splurge meal. Eat whatever you fancy the most 😉 . And those fruits and veggies in turn will provide a lot of fiber, keep your intestines regular and fill you up with antioxidants and important vitamins, so you are less likely to get sick.




Sleep and relax enough. There’s no reason to run forth and back the entire vacation. Both your mind and body will need that rest as there’s happening good-for-you chemical reactions in your body, when you get relaxed. Adequate sleep helps your immune system stay strong and promotes recovery, so why not to take slow morning or stretching class this afternoon!


Did I forget something? How you manage keep it healthy on holidays?


💙: Sanna





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